Friday, September 5, 2014

My Sweet Hannah.

She is gone.

My heart is empty and there are hardly thoughts or words to even speak.

Quietness consumed me yesterday and already this morning.

She passed in the night and has been buried.

For 19 years she stood with me.

Hannah was my 1st child. She slept in my bed until it was no longer safe for her too.


there aren't words just tears.

God is good all the time, hard days like this and great days too.

I will not be taken by the hard times that have beset me recently, it has been an extremely hard year.

But God has NEVER left my side.

I will eventually no longer cry over Hannah's passing but rejoice in the great memories that we had and the fact that she was loved and loved. But for today, I miss her.

Much love, me.

Monday, September 1, 2014

My Hannah.

Today my prayer was to be non-emotional.

My dog, my first child, is very very sick.

I know it is time.

I have had to keep her outside and it is killing me, but I've no other choice.

She has been with me for 19 years.

My kids don't know and I can't tell them yet. The pain is just simply too much in the midst with my daily life.

I don't know why I have this life that I have but I lift my hand to Jesus and say thank you.

Thank you for my children, my home, my job (ugh), my piles of laundry and dirty dishes too. My memories of my Hannah and my days.

So through my tears I say thank you and bless me Father.

Much love. me.