Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the world today...

My phone dings at me when a news alert comes across. It’s been that way for a while, I’ve had this urging of feeling like I need to know since 9-11.

When I look back I see alerts regarding Tokyo, Munic, Paris, Florida, Nice and the list goes on I think what has happened to our security.  This insecurity is choking the life out of me and all this is hard to handle. But I pray over each of those situations and I have to go on.

I wonder if all this isn’t really new, that this destruction and hatred has always been and that in this world of technology we just happen to know about it in a split second at our fingertips.

My children are often oblivious of the chaos of the world. We don’t watch the news and we don’t receive a paper, our TV stays on cartoons.

All I think as I type these words are “where could I go, oh where could I go, seeking a refuge for my soul”. You are our answer and in YOUR clefts we hide. In YOUR words promising peace and wisdom we cling.

So Lord, as we look and all seems to fall apart, we cling ever so close to YOU.