Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's been a while since I've posted on here.

My mind and life is so busy I often find myself thought-less at the end of my days.

The school year is in the final curve and the end is in sight, but we still have 3 days after today to muddle our way through. 3 more mornings of getting 2 grumps up out of the beds and into CLEAN clothes and with CLEAN socks and matching shoes.

Even once out the door the ride is seldom without adventure...I guess that is what I would call it. It's always amazing how its the short ride to school that brings things back to their memories. "I need $10 today", "I forgot my reading book", "I forgot to bring home the permission slip you HAVE TO sign for today", the endlessness of it all is daunting.

My "Hollywood" son and I took an adventure Monday on a Nature field trip with his class. I'm the most un-nature loving person around. I see a bug I want it dead. The nature-loving hippie that led us through the first half of the morning was not quiet that way. He would replace the crawling bug to a leaf where it could finish living out its life. Me...I nearly broke a canoe paddle killing a spider.

Yes canoe. I along with my more than eager son got in a canoe. Eventful is a good adjective. I'm sure the nature-loving hippie only rowed 1/2 mile to the destination, I'm sure if we measured our route it was somewhere close to 2 miles. FYI canoe guides its wise to let the unskilled know the big person goes in the back. After feeling like I had ripped my arm muscles fr
om the bone we rested on the shore line to listen to the nature loving hippie speak...then he was more than excited when he noticed a snake.

I was not and quickly backed away from the shore line and headed to the beach area where we started only to have another snake cross my path. Had the snake came any closer I and Jesus would have shared the ability to walk on water. But after making a spectacle of myself and beating the oar I was not in any danger.

My eager-to-canoe son at the beginning was not so eager at the end and suggested that we should get a motor for our canoe...which we laughed about once we caught our breaths.

The second part of the day was a hike.

How bad could that be? DEAR GOD IT'S ME VAL AND I DON'T HIKE.

There were a lot of poison ivy and hills. Lots. This tour was led by 2 girls, who encouraged us all to wipe our feet off before entering the hike...I was confused.

But at the end of the adventure, my toes felt like they were bleeding, my child and my cousins child were begging for a drink, and all I could think of is "is that a snake? is that a snake? did that just move? Relaxed? no.

We ended our adventure with a trip for ice cream.

The day hadn't started out well, my cat had a stroke and was at the vet and things went from bad to worse for her.

Then I had 2 meetings to go to, it was a long enduring day.

We made it through and have learned that we are not nature people and that a canoe, no matter how cool they are on a car will ever be owned by us. Sorry canoe makers.

Much love, me.