Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25

Good Morning Lord,

I've been up for a while now and its on 4:57 AM.

We had our first Easter alone and it was...great!

The kids were super excited & loved loved loved their baskets from the bunny!

The weather was less than, but made for a great time in the puddles!

There were no tears today, none.

Well... not exactly.

Ian fell off the couch, bumped his head on the coffee table & that was a quick trip to the ER. But other than that none.

I am blessed.

I thought about last year on Easter and how dinner was stressful and how hard that was and I rejoiced that this year it was better.

This week is an extremely crazy week, the kind that makes you tired just looking at it. Lots of play practice, a Board Meeting, a doctor's appointment, and a surgery for my grandma.

So Lord, as I end this post I ask for Your kindness, Your protection, Your favor, and Your love to be sent out to myself, my children, and my friends.

To You Be the Glory!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

And we are off...

Welcome, It's been a little bit since I've been here.
I had to do some soul searching and some growing too,
and now I'm back.

I hope that you will continue with me on my journey through this life that God has so graciously blessed me with, and I will hope that God will richly bless you in return.

Anyway... here we go!

Many thoughts & Many prayers,