Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25

Good Morning Lord,

I've been up for a while now and its on 4:57 AM.

We had our first Easter alone and it was...great!

The kids were super excited & loved loved loved their baskets from the bunny!

The weather was less than, but made for a great time in the puddles!

There were no tears today, none.

Well... not exactly.

Ian fell off the couch, bumped his head on the coffee table & that was a quick trip to the ER. But other than that none.

I am blessed.

I thought about last year on Easter and how dinner was stressful and how hard that was and I rejoiced that this year it was better.

This week is an extremely crazy week, the kind that makes you tired just looking at it. Lots of play practice, a Board Meeting, a doctor's appointment, and a surgery for my grandma.

So Lord, as I end this post I ask for Your kindness, Your protection, Your favor, and Your love to be sent out to myself, my children, and my friends.

To You Be the Glory!