Thursday, October 13, 2011


Good Morning Friend,

It's waaaayyy early here, like 4 AM. I knew I had to get up early so I could get some me time in today.

You see, I *think* I have a blind date this weekend.
He called me last week and asked me out for Saturday night,
but I haven't talked to him yet this week.

I have a lot of trust issues, and trusting that he will call is something I'm dealing with.
Also realizing that every person is not Tim is something else I'm dealing with.

I'm nervous, extremely, but excited.

I'm ready for some adult conversation.
I have noticed lately that I miss that a lot.
I miss the fact that I have no one to talk to about my day.

I just come home and start my housework (I nearly said my mommy job, but I have that one 24-7) and I have no one but children around me.

Somedays I feel like between work and raising the kids, I lose me.
Does that make sense? It is even hard to write those words.

When I first got divorced I knew making the decisions about what "I" wanted was hard because I was having to find out who "I" was, but even now "I" am still lost.

I could list the things that "I" like, but its not the same.
Does this make sense at all?

Well, as I get off here to begin some work that I brought home to do, I leave you with many blessings for today!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Morning my sweet friend.

I was driving through town yesterday and I watched as a father & son were walking down the street.

When they came to the corner the father reached over to stop the child from walking off the curb before checking to see if there was any traffic coming.

Seeing that immediately made me pray, Father God please do the same for me! Protect me from stepping out into a situation that is not good for me!

How amazed I was that something that is so natural for us to do for our children reminded me that I am still HIS child, and HE still desires to protect me.

So maybe all those "unanswered prayers", or those times we say "WHY????" it is actually because HE is reaching out and stopping us from walking off a curb into a dangerous situation.

I hope that you had a good day yesterday and it was full of times when you were able to say "Thanks"! I pray that today you will be on the receiving end of blessings so abundantly that you will be able to bless someone else.

Happy October 12th!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Morning Friend!

Good Morning Friend I say to you as I smile over my steaming hot coco!

Last week was a rough one, but today will be better, I just know it!

I seen a side of someone and it reminded me of where I was 2 years ago & it made me sad.

But I quickly rejoiced in where I am, gave Thanks to the only ONE who got me here today & went on.

Have you ever seen a glimpse of your past and realized how truly blessed you are?

I see God's fingerprints on my life all the time and am amazed that HE chose me.

I had a great weekend, my bf's husband changed out the porch post on my front porch. I will post pictures soon of the before and after. It's amazing and I love it!

God is good all the time, all the time!

Blessings to all and thanks for reading!