Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Morning my sweet friend.

I was driving through town yesterday and I watched as a father & son were walking down the street.

When they came to the corner the father reached over to stop the child from walking off the curb before checking to see if there was any traffic coming.

Seeing that immediately made me pray, Father God please do the same for me! Protect me from stepping out into a situation that is not good for me!

How amazed I was that something that is so natural for us to do for our children reminded me that I am still HIS child, and HE still desires to protect me.

So maybe all those "unanswered prayers", or those times we say "WHY????" it is actually because HE is reaching out and stopping us from walking off a curb into a dangerous situation.

I hope that you had a good day yesterday and it was full of times when you were able to say "Thanks"! I pray that today you will be on the receiving end of blessings so abundantly that you will be able to bless someone else.

Happy October 12th!