Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday morning

It's a Sunday morning in my world. Joel Osteen is on my tv as I type this post.

I told my children on Friday evening about the newest addition to our family that will be arriving in the next 6 months. Their reaction was full of God's Grace. I cried.

I decided to call him and let him know that my children know and they are so excited so come Church time be prepared they will talk! Basically I was saying, without saying, you better get your parents told or my children will.

One of the questions my daughter asked was "is Richie excited?", when I told him she asked his reply was "I would be if things were different for me". This sent me straight to the edge! I told him "that isn't going to stop the fact that a baby will be here in 6 months." I then broke into tears & told him goodbye.

He tried to call again and I didn't answer.

The next day we did talk. I told him a lot of the things I had been holding inside of me, he apologized, confessed his 'love' and told me when the baby comes he is sure he will love it.

Awww. Isn't that encouraging? WHATEVER!

There isn't enough emotion left for me to explain the feelings. My baby inside of me doesn't deserve to wait 6 months to see and hope that its daddy is going to love them because maybe just maybe things will be good enough in his life to love them.

I shared a good day with both of my kids, it was a very cold day that we ended up spending the afternoon at the ballpark with their practices. God is good, no God is GREAT! I'm blessed beyond words. That doesn't mean I don't hurt and that I don't fall victim to this worlds demands.

Have a blessed Sunday, we will!