Monday, January 16, 2017

The fight is on!

Some days are long. I cannot believe the sun is up. UGH.

Seriously. I was just up hours ago with the devil in my ears.

"You are failing, you aren't enough for that guy, you are too chubby, your kids have things, your house is mess and chaotic and unorganized and well this life you are living is a mess."

Ugh. So not fair, when I'm suppose to be resting I'm battling my mind and it leaves me even more exhausted.

I don't really believe I'm completely failing but I am a work in progress kind of mess.

I don't believe that garbage that I hear and I battle back which leaves me tired when I wake up.

But I do have a beautiful life, it's just messy. I mean so I don't cook 3 meals a day, and there is clutter, and the number of kids is often higher than what is legal for a daycare, but the kids are safe, clothed, have access to food and clean. So fuck off devil.

And as far as that guy, his loss. I'm a catch. I'm independent and not a gold digger, I'm a good mom, I'm a loyal person and if that's not what he wants fuck him too.

Whatever God's got going on, I'm on board to kick this devil's ass and show these jack-off's. Let's do this!

Much love, me!

See ya! Coffee is done!