Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's 10 PM now and most days I'm fast asleep. But not tonight. Too much on my mind and my heart is so heavy.

Emotions are off the chart tonight, I'm surrounded by laundry and things that need to be done and I'm just completely overwhelmed.


Just simply raising 2 kids as a single mom is hard.

It's hard to know how to discipline the kids...alone.

It's hard to know how to handle everything...alone.


It's hard to figure out how to do it all...alone.


In 2 days my ex gets married.

It seems he has found his way through life,

and I can't even seem to find my way through the laundry piles.

Sometimes it feels like I'm being punished, I know that God isn't punishing me, but these

nights and times are so difficult especially when I'm alone.

Somehow I will figure this out with God's guidance. But for tonight, I cry, I beg, I plead, please Lord!

Help me!