Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's 2 AM & I must be crazy!

It's 2 AM here in my world. And in my world is a 1 yr old who is wired for sound, me who is heartbroken over lost hope, 2 kids asleep in my bed, and 1 very old dog asleep on the couch.

I don't know how I got here, whatever train it was I hope it has derailed so that no one else takes this ride. I also don't know how to get off this train.

"Oh God's got great plans for you, HE is pruning you" my friend 1says. Well what you call pruning, I call punishing. I can't imagine that I've ever been so down I said to myself a short bit ago, so I looked back. And what to my teary eyes should appear but a journal from this time several years ago. Yes I have, and each time I was heartbroken, heavy laden, and survived. This time I'm sure I will survive too. But honestly right now sleep would be helpful, just not seeing it in my immediate future.

I come home to a very very very messy house, that set me on my ears, then when I switched my phone tonight the switch didn't happen all at once & some of my text messages went to my old phone. This made an issue with someone I care about greatly. And now there is no response from them on their end.

When you love someone who is going through their own set of trials & tribulations & you want so desperately to take that pain away from them it's proof that you love.

Having this proof that I do love, is proof that I have overcome those times in the past when I thought I couldn't take 1 more step or handle 1 more thing in my life. It was each of those times that I thank God I sat down & wrote it out. HE knew that I would be sitting here 1 Wednesday morning bright and early like 2 AM early & need to know, that it will be okay.

That I will be able to continue through this. That this world will not overtake me, that sleep will come at some point, the dishes will get done at some point, my heart will heal at some point, and my breaths will continue and most importantly these tears will stop at some point.

My heart is heavy because I am a fixer, but being an earthy "fixer" is taking things into my own hands and taking them out of God's. I have spent much time in prayer & petition for this person I've come to love and his situation, I have called upon the Lord, I have sent Satan running, and yet it doesn't seem to help anything. Aren't I suppose to be able to say, "this is my testimony, this is what God can do, this is an example of how HE can heal, this is HIS power at work." And maybe I will very soon, be able to say those things and more. But today, this morning at 2 AM, I don't feel it. Is it possible to believe it & not feel it?

I mean I believe in the ability for gigantic boats to float in the waters, but can't feel them. I believe that planes can fly but can't touch one right now. So I do believe it's possible to believe & not feel it.

This momma's tired. Help me. Sweet Jesus. Help me!

Love, me.

PS- feels good to be back.