Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hey, just wanting to let you know,
whatever you are going through,
right there in your heart today,
Someone somewhere has survived it,
and God is standing beside you through it.

Are you having a hard weekend?
Sometimes I do too.
And somehow, someway we'll both get
through this.

I decided to take off early on Friday,
begin enjoying a relaxing weekend.
Until I discovered.........
Kennedy had lice, ugh.

Then because I have such a loving family,
so did myself, Ian, my mom and my sister.

So we spent 6 hours yesterday treating each other.
Imagine that picture, it should make you smile.
I'm so thankful for my cousin Amy, who is a nurse,
for coming and helping us out. She stayed until we all
were given the all-clear sign.

But even receiving the all-clear sign is
not the end of the journey.
Today I am still stripping beds,
drying things at the highestheat that my dryer has,
and using the Rid Spray on E V E R Y T H I N G!

If you have ever been where I am,
I will gladly accept any positive comments!
And if you have ever been here, you probably
said what I said "we should have bought stock
in this company!"

Blessings from this side of the computer!
Hoping you and your family are blessed beyond
anything you can dream up!