Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello my name is Val

Note: This was written about 3 weeks ago, but wanted to let you in on my world...

Tonight was it, the final move.

As I had written in my first post, I’ve been here before.

My first time at blogging became about surviving a life before, during and shortly after a divorce.

Then, I decided to change my focus (thanks to an ill meaning reader).

All along I’ve felt like I couldn’t hide what was me, right now, making me who I was to be tomorrow.

Showing that HIS Rod and HIS Staff protected me each step along the way.

I tried to venture in a different direction, but I kept denying who I truly was…a child of the most High God, finding life after a divorce.

Well, tonight was his final move.

He emptied the garage and the shed of his belongings.


I cried once more.
My heart hurt once more.
My kids begged this man, who once loved them more than life, to play, to watch them, to talk to them and he kept moving his stuff.

He loaded the last of it and began to drive away, Ian tried to watch him as far as he could with his eyes, even running to try to see him a little more.

My insides died, again.

Here I am.


A mommy of 2 really awesome kids, a girl who is on a journey, a divorced woman who wonders a lot of days just “how did I get here”, and a child of God.

You may not agree with my life, or my choices, or the shows I watch and if you don’t I don’t want to know about it. You can find something else to read.

But this is now about me, my life, and who I am finding that I truly am.

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I marvel, and sometimes I just am.

Hi, my name is Val and this is my story.