Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding OUR Way

Well here I am. I need to elaborate on my relationship status. While I think that there is so much to be thankful about regarding my relationship there are some issues still to be resolved too. I trust that God will see us through and that HE will help me as I struggle through this time.

Lord I want to be more of a servant and may my mouth be dry from saying the words "yes" to Your request.

I'm finding that one of the main issues with relationships that involve separate families is the ideas of how to parent. This is a challenge that we are often facing under my roof. My guy is having a hard time trying to be parent-like in situations when e kids are not seeing him as a parental figure. And they are both right he isn't their parent but as an adult they need to respect authority and they need to continue to respect house rules. On the other hand my guy needs to be more patient with the kids.

This entire relationship is a time of adjustment. The fact that he has been staying with us for a month is a huge adjustment. There are times I want my quiet house back. But there are a lot of times I like to feel his embrace and know I'm loved. I find myself having to explain things and that is too much. So I'm taking a new approach- the I love you but this is how I am living my life take it or leave it style. There are moments where compromising will come into play and there will be times where it will not. I am who I am. I am a child of God, fearfully seeking to love, be loved, and still remain in Gods Will. Is it possible? Not sure. Hoping God will allow me to be a vessel of hope and help.

Much love and many prayers!