Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Morning Lord. I know it's been a while and I know that I'm the one who has neglected YOU. I'm so remorseful that I sometimes do that, I just know that I've not been in YOUR will and sometimes the guilt I feel is overwhelming.

I'm here now Lord.

Ready to begin again.

I just want to be loved YOU. I know what YOUR Word says about YOU always loving me. That is so relieving.

I know that thee are things that happen in our lives that are meant to be, and as for the last few months I know that they have been directed. By YOUR hand. That nothing happens that isn't in YOUR will and I know that even when I don't understand that eventually I will. Eventually, if not in this life in the next.

I look around my life and am completely amazed at my blessings, and yet I still feel fear. Why is that? Why is there fear in my life when I know that YOU are in control. So confusing.

But until I understand...I just want YOU to know ... I still believe.

Still believe...
in the amazing love of my Savior.
In the possibility of loving again.
In the hope of a better life with love.
In the knowledge that the is still so much for me to do and be.

Thank You Lord, for loving me unconditionally.