Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Last night I was exhausted, who of us momma's aren't.

I begged just to close my eyes, even though I was up and down a million times it seems. 

With my 2 oldest back from their weekend visit with their dad it is customary to want to huddle together in my bed. 

So was the door locked? where's the passy? get the dog outside? turn the tv off? someone needed a drink, I needed a bathroom break...but what I was truly begging for was peace & quiet.

However as warm & cozy as it is that we all 4 pile into the bed, Sophie wasn't taking kindly to having a Bubba to share a pillow with and a dog touching her feet. Life wasn't going well for her. 

As anyone within a block radius could tell, Sophie's cries were deafening. I begged, pleaded...she was having a come-a-part and I was too.

I always regret the way I handle those situations. I'm sure as momma's we all second guess the way we handle EVERY situation. 

As I look back on last night I think, good grief of all the things Jesus bestowed on me last night the thing I could have passed on was GRACE, and didn't.

What am I teaching my kids if I don't teach them GRACE?

Now I could give you a list of reasons why I was short tempered and tired and while I'm sure that many of you would nod your head and say "been there", it's not an out for me not giving the thing I deserved least.

Here's hoping for a better day!