Thursday, June 5, 2014

Taking a stand against a bully

It's 2 AM here & in my bed attached to me is Sophie & somewhere towards my feet is Ian.

Can't sleep.

I have been finding myself tempted by Satan recently.

The neighborhood bully and her mother taunt and harass my children and I, and nothing angers a momma more than someone picking on their child.

This taunting & harassing pushes me to a level of low that is only known to the snake of the grass himself.

Oh just walk away from them is the advice given by so many. I ask, why should my kids and I be forced inside of the house because they taunt. No we stand strong. We hold to our belief that 1 person not overrun another person. We hold strong to the fact that physical violence-even threatened amongst kids- isn't to be tolerated.

I hold strong knowing that my children's bully is bigger than my kids, and even though her ways are being brought on because of jealousy or whatever, it can't be tolerated.

I think of Adam and Eve in the Garden and how the temptation of the devil brought them down. I can't allow these "people" to do that to me.

I think of the little girl from Columbine who when asked who is a Christian, stood up and said I am. If you ask me who will stand up against my son & daughter's bully, I am.

The laws of our community do not affect the dealings between kids regarding harassment, bullying, or taunting. Basically let the kids fight it out amongst themselves is the thought process. I don't believe a child 2-3 times bigger than mine is a fair fight. I also have read about bullying statics and the correlation to suicide and other problems later in life.

I am taking a stand against this little girl and her mother, we will not be pushed to hide in our house or retreat to our backyard because of their gruffness.

I will pay the fine and penalty for my wrongs but this will be stopped. i cannot believe that God would approve of how I handled things recently and through HIS Grace I see my error. But accept her abuse and retreat isn't God's way either.

You see in the last 10 years HE has given me 3 particular lives to love and raise and protect. If I let someone bully, pick on, or even verbally abuse one of them I am held accountable especially if I knew it.

I pray for wisdom on how to deal with this situation. I pray for strength to continue to stand strong and tall for my children. I pray for help in dealing with them, I pray for favor on searching for answers.

HE says ask, seek, knock, whisper if you must, but always come! I am here Lord, seeking, learning, hoping, asking, loving, believing, knowing, and waiting for YOUR answer to come.

Much love, me.