Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday, June 20

It's Saturday, the sun is out & my goodness its a beautiful day!

We are blessed.

I did my walk of shame to the library with my 4 years overdue book & paid the fine & then donated the book back to them. I took with me Ian & Sophie. Lord, Sophie was soooo loud, I swear they had to have all shook their heads when we finally left. She was screaming, I was wearing snot on both of my shoulders, and my head is pounding!

I think being these 3 kids momma is a wonderful thing, but so help me…. if I HEAR MOMMA MOMMA MOMMA ONE MORE TIME I'M GONNA LOSE IT TODAY!

The combination of this head ache, Sophie's cold, a mountain of laundry and a few other things I'm mentally done, to the point of putting on my jammies & calling it a day.

I ran to Carbondale today & spent my Kohls cash on new pillows for my living room & a fantastic platter for my dining room.

But the pain of the headache about did me in on the trip home.

I find myself so lost some days, I seem to relive some memories just to try to feel like a girl again. Someone somebody once loved.

But quickly I'm brought back to reality and my job taking care of 3 amazingly beautiful children, just with a broken heart.

I find myself wanting to close inward again and just survive. But I know I can't that I must endure these times, and survive for the sake of HOPE and FAITH.

HOPE that this brokenness won't consume me and FAITH in God's promise.

Well my minute of time to myself is long gone & Sophie needs a nap desperately.

Off to being momma now….

As Reba once said, "the world doesn't stop for my broken heart".

Much love, me.