Friday, May 30, 2014

That is not my life, this is.

It's Friday.

On a 4 day work week Friday seems so far away, but I made it. Today I was woke up with the sound of heaven…Sophie laughing in her sleep.

That is the most precious sound ever. She is perfect. My unexpected gift in life. One that keeps on giving. Now she is the one who I'm constantly cleaning up after, especially since she believes she can drink out of a coke can, and feed herself, believes she can play in the dogs watering bowl, and the one I have to watch like a hawk! LOL! But she and her brother and sister are my everything.

Their smiles, their excitement, their stories, the way they all talk at one time trying to tell me everything that happened in their day that meant something to them, it's all wonderful.

One day I will walk into this house & it will be quiet, the floor cleaned, the washer won't run 24/7, and the dishes will be cleaned. But for now that is not my dream, that is not my ideals on a perfect day, and that is not my life.

This is.

Dirty floors, laundry, dishes, and all. And it's okay.

Much love, Me.