Thursday, May 29, 2014

Someday and someday's

Someday's I just don't get it. I don't know how to handle life, but eventually those moments pass and I look back and realize even though I didn't know how, I did.

Today my dad came to my work to get Sophie for an hour so I could finish a report. As he leaves he says, "Val, we need to talk about something later". Well curiosity wasn't gonna kill this cat, I asked and he tried to say it really fast so that the pain wouldn't hurt me. But it did.

Seems Sophie's grandparents on her dad's side want to see her. They called my dad and told him that if I don't let them start seeing her they will take me to court. My reply is "to court we go". In the state of IL there are no Grandparent visitation rights.

The emotion I felt wasn't one of fear.

It was anger. I didn't like being threatened, doesn't set well with me. They are trying to bully me into giving them visitation. Well, we know how I don't deal with bullying very well.

God is good all the time. Today especially. I'm blessed beyond imagination and will hold my head up and say so. Will this be ok? Yes. How? I don't know but God say's "I've got this one too Val" and I believe HIM.

Scared of losing Sophie to visitation with them. No.

It will be ok. But I find myself closing down again. Pulling up my walls and going into defense mode. It's how I handle these things, I close myself off until I feel like I can handle it. I will be ok I keep telling myself, because…well because someday I will.

Much love, me.