Monday, May 5, 2014

Things I learned this week...

The things I learned this week:

1. Spring time makes the work week seem longer.
2. You can officially catch up on laundry for a few hours.
3. Trying out a puppy is a good thing.
4. I miss treasure hunting (garage sales). I got a lot of great finds! A coffee table, a wall hanger, a rooster measuring spoon holder, a play garden set for Sophie, 2 baskets, a bouncing horse for Sophie, curtains for my dining room. and an awesome ball bag for Kennedy for Softball.
5. Standing up against someone that is bullying your child because they are bigger than he is, is ALWAYS NECESSARY! The little girl across the street has been bullying Ian & I stopped it on Friday night, 30 minutes later the police came. Yes, her mother called the police. But of course I knew the cop, work with his mom, he fishes with my dad & he went to school with my sister. So basically it was a "hey how are you visit". Long story short, the girl will NEVER EVER be allowed back on my property again, and the neighborhood mothers all know so her daughter will be mighty lonely this summer.
6. Spending 2 days with the doors & windows wide open listening to Country music is therapeutic.
7. I miss my kids terribly when they are gone.
8. Church is always good for the soul.
9. Front porch sitting is good, but backyard lounging is the best!
10. Surprising your kids with a puppy is an awesome thing!

I'm so blessed. Thank you Lord. Life may not be what I expected, and my journey may be rougher than I believed it would have been, but I am still blessed. In my deepest whoa's and lowest lows, I'm still blessed.