Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flowers from God.

I sit here typing, knowing that at any minute little people will come waltzing through my door & my time will be a memory.

TV's on silent & the only noise is the one of the fan.

My body is tired and the daylight seems like it's never gonna fade into darkness so that I can convince my kids it's bedtime.

I haven't mention this but a week ago I got a call.

A flower shop here in town called me and I missed the call.

So eagerly I called them back wondering who could have sent me flowers? A friend, a secret admirer? this guy?

They answered and explained to me that in December I was sent flowers that were never paid for and they needed payment.

I made arrangements and thanked God for the flowers and told HIM that they were beautiful and they did make me smile.

I had to take a step backwards and breathe again.

Those were some difficult times in my life and I thank God for my children and for the GRACE that God gave to me at a time when I lost my way.

I prayed early last fall for God to give me "dreams" again because after my divorce I went into survival mode and quit dreaming. I kept reading how other people had dreams and ideas for their future. Me, the future for me consisted of a pillow and blanket in a dark room. I didn't act much beyond taking care of my kids and crawling into bed.

God took me on a journey, it had its highs and lows and for a long time I lost myself.

Then God shined a light on some things and I stopped breathing for a while. I caught my breath, gave HIM Praise and took HIS hand.

By HIS Grace I made it to today, August 12, 2014.

Not sure where I am about making dreams for me and my kids and our future. HE made me a promise that HE knows my future and it will be good. So it's in HIS hands.

I will pay the flower bill and I will pay it because God blessed me with some beautiful flowers for a time in my life.

Lord, just grant me wisdom next time please.

Much love, me.