Thursday, August 14, 2014

My daily prayer.

Good morning Lord.

Today is a busy crazy day. I seek your presence, peace and protection over my children and I.

Thank You for last night and the company my table held, I pray over her life and her family. Her decisions, her Lord. Guide her in the ways that YOU house she walk.

Lord, I pray for those with brokenness inside them, for You hold the answers to healing and moving onto the next minute.

I pray for those who fight the silent battle of depression. The battle is real.

I pray for those who have hurt me that I may seek YOUR example and forgive.

I pray for my parents who have had to step in so many times and in so many ways and help me. Thank YOU.

Help me lead my children through these days. They are YOUR children first and mine second. So I only want to do right.

Much love, me.