Friday, December 12, 2014

just a thought or 2...

Sweet Friday O' how I adore thee!

These days before Christmas are hectic and hurried and jammed packed but o'how I love me a Friday!

I'm a bit better than the slump I was in for a couple of days, the hell of hormones!

But opening up and being honest may make you seem more vulnerable but honesty is the best.
Hurts hurt so there, I cry when I need to where I need too and go on.

A day for me without some type of tears happy or sad is rare anymore. But that's what hormonal hell is I guess at this point. I'm trying to monitor myself better and incorporate and be more conscious of how I eat and exercise and take care of myself to better ward off that roller coaster ride.

But any who....

God is blessed me with a night last night with my children at the lights parade and there is hardly a word that explains the look on Sophie's face. She truly was everything that a child is at Christmas time! Lord, there is nothing I can say other than thank you!

Much love from this heart of mine.