Sunday, December 9, 2012

My heart hurts.

I went shopping last night, alone.

It was hard.

I mustered through it, and hope that I am close to being done. Hope. I have a focus-ing issue and am finding it hard to concentrate.

I really don't have much of the Holiday Spirit in me, my heart hurts too much right now.

The kids & I went to church. Richie's family was there & their hearts hurt too. I think that we all fought off the tears and just got through it. But when Kennedy asked his mom if she knew where he was we all about broke.

I went to Walmart today & ran into the guy who Richie left with, if looks could kill this guy grave would be a fresh one.

My friend Ryan called to check on me & if he had called yet or not. I nearly had an anxiety attack just talking about it. I must admit though that I sent him a text tonight reminding him that tomorrow is Sophie has a dr apt tomorrow. I was shocked when he sent me a "Ok" text.

My heart just really hurt so badly.

Then my cousin Austin, his girlfriend and my cousin Macie came by, Austin hugged me & it helped so much. He doesn't know, but I needed that so badly.

Thanks Lord for sending me Austin.