Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Festivities begin

The right to choose. I guess we all have that right. We can choose to eat this or that and to go here or there, drugs, another donut, coffee at 10 pm? The choices we make on an average day are daunting. We make choices even when we don't physically consider it actually being a choice.

Tomorrow starts our holiday festivities for the kids and I. I chose to host again for the Stacey family. Wasn't an easy choice but I put aside my hesitation and said yes, again. But my mom is choosing again to not come, and my sister is as well.

That is hurtful when I will have to answer for them as to where they are. I want to say they're ....., but I won't. I will try to focus on the pure, the good the ways of God. I will try to be the hostess that He wants me to be and use the gifts HE has blessed me with to host this shindig.

Then I will put away my hurt that has been caused by my mom and my sister and take my family to her house for our family (descriptive only) Christmas. I will rise above the hurt and do this because God said I have got this Val and I have nothing else to do but trust Him.

Philippians reminds me I can do this. So I will cling to God and do it.