Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Prayers for Johnny

Tonight as every night something always wakes me around 2 am. It use to be Sophie but she now has moved to 3 am. The joys of motherhood, never sleeping a full night. When I couldn't sleep I grabbed my phone to try to browse Facebook.

I follow a family who has a child dying of cancer. He is a twin and the story is absolutely heartbreaking. The post have shown the most amazing journey of this little guys faith, and the mom as heart ache. My heart is torn with every word this mother writes because as a mom you feel her pain.

Tonight's post told of Johnny knowing the end is near and knowing he will be leaving his family and missing them and the mother watching as the only waking hour her son having was filled with the fear of dying.

I type this post at 3:17 am beside my Christmas tree, with 3 healthy kids down the hall. I am a single mom and most days are hard and I complain a lot about the job I've been given from God and how know im blessed but can't figure out how to keep everyone in sync. I worry about money, about raising good children, about making sure they are well rounded kids, about the last effects of the divorce on them, a million things. But we are healthy. Today in all I did I didn't deal with my kids being fearful.

Lord my heart is crushed with the pain this momma is feeling. I'm here on her behalf and Johnny's too asking for 10,000 angels to hold his hand and hers. Asking for the fear to be released and for the momma to find a peace that allows You to hold her. I can't imagine.

My heart breaks for them. But YOU know the pain that she feels. You watched Your son be sacrificed for the sins of all of us. Father reach down to her tonight. And Lord may we rejoice these next few weeks not in gifts but in the life You have given us.

Much love, me