Monday, December 14, 2015


Good evening...I'm sitting by the light of the tree with my healthy, very loud very active children all around.  Children who push you to the brink of "crazy-ville"!

During this time of year when I write my Christmas cards I get gushy w what my friends mean to me. I have ended up with a group of Christan women who have walked similar paths as mine. When one of us is down the other lifts and encourages. It's what you do. It's what God says to do so you do it.

So tonight my heart is with the momma with sick children who is beyond exhausted and has cleaned up puke more times than she cares to remember. For the mom who is craving quiet and knows bedtime is far away. For the mom who wonders how...and when the break will come. For the mom who works at one job and then comes home to raise her children as her 2nd job. While the catchy thought of motherhood is priceless and lovely...fails to live my kind of here is messy, busy, noisy, dirty, and exhausting beyond everything else...but I believe this is Gods desire for my today and my tonight. So I do it and I thank God for the strength that I can do it.

Till we meet again...