Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thinking of Mary...

To think of Mary as a girl, a woman, like me. Seems hard to do, but I have to put her in context to be able to understand how HE looks at my life and the “struggles” I face.

Here she was Mary, a woman, who was waiting to be married. Joseph and her were counting down the days and the smiles I’m sure that her face and heart wore were never ending.  The dreams that she was building and the ideas of how their lives would be all coming true soon…and then the visit from the Angel.

“It’s you” (in the simplest of terms), “you will bring the messiah”. Her whole world had to have stopped. She is a virgin and who would ever believe her. Her parents? Joseph? Yes, Joseph was concerned. But then he received the word too. 

There was no hesitation in her willingness to be the mother of our Savior. None. She knew, because she was told, “The Lord has found FAVOR with you.”

We live our lives in hopes of having God say at the end, “well done”, she got it from the get go. How amazing to have that confirmation that everything you are going to endure and live through, see and experience…God’s got it.

Why do I find this so hard to fathom? God’s word says I’m chosen, I’m HIS, I’m favored, I am to inherit the Kingdom of God.  So why do I have hesitation? Why do I think when things go crazy or out of sort that God has somehow lifted his finger off of me and chaos has ensued? I have to remind myself that everything I am going to endure today, live through today, see and experience…God’s got it!

ALL OF IT!!! Those times in my life when I worry about the broken dreams and worry about the hurt, and the journey I’m on if I have the strength to do this day, to do this life, to mother these kids…God’s got it! Truly accepting this truth for my life is accepting Amazing Grace.

Thank you Lord for loving me in such a way, and forgive me for forgetting you got this!

Much love, me.