Thursday, January 28, 2016

A little love goes a long way

Sooo. Today I feel as though someone poured concrete in my head. Ugh...the agony of it all...I know there are a lot worse things than a head cold.

Today in the midst of getting us out the door and in the wonder of making it out the door, and not having to go back for anyone I forgot, not anything anyone forgot, I made sure to give thanks for our heat!!! Minuscule I know but when you go without you understand the blessing!! I thank HIM for my dishwasher and my laundry appliances on a lot of days as well.

I also realized in the rush of things that the slightest acknowledgement of any kind of positive reinforcement can be a great thing. It's important in these days of hard times that we notice something positive and tell another person those things in hopes that it will uplift them.

A little love goes a long way...

Much love, me.