Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Yes busy momma, I know. You are tired. Me too.

Last night was an up and down all night with my 3 year old so I understand. Today's been a long day here and focusing hasn't been a strong point for me today. The coffee didn't last and lunch was very yummy but made me want to curl into a cocoon even more.

The thought of even fixing food for dinner is not something I can even comprehend, I want to scream really I have to feed little people tonight???

Within the last week we have had a snowstorm that took us out of school for 3 days, the emerging of friends through my door has seemed to be non stop. The food supply is nil, and the drinks are now down to water from the faucet, and I seem to keep finding clothing that is not belonging to my family. No kidding one day I found shoes! Who went home without shoes!!!! And speaking of clothing, my daughters seem to multiply like rabbits. Honestly. 

So I feel your pain when you discover a valentine's box has to be made, and your son wants a school bus box...ok...thank God for Pinterest...and your daughter says they have a pirate dance coming up (WHAT!!!???)

I can hardly envision those things with this grey haze of needing to sleep and knowing it will be hours til it happens. But motherhood isn't for the faint of heart, nor does it take heed to the sleepy. We must trudge onward and reach the goal of full bellies, with clean clothes, and matching shoes.

So busy momma, I know. It will be ok at some point it will be ok...I look at being ok like it is a destination...if you get there before I do send me a smoke signal of some kind to let me know I'm close please & I will gladly do the same for you!!!

Much Love, me.