Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My friends journey

Today I seen a Facebook post from a friend who was obviously experiencing heart ache.

I sent her a private message and come to find out her husband has asked for divorce.

Talking with her was like having flashbacks of doubt, insecurities, and the fear of unknowing how I would do this life.

Lord if I walked this journey, this rocky journey, to help her today then Lord may it lead her to seek You and your saving Grace then it's worth it.

I told her that the fact she said she has to go on and live for her kids makes her brave. Her reply was, "I don't feel very brave". I explained the brave never see their own bravery.

This post is choppy and very unrefined, I am just heartbroken for my friend and others who have been through this valley of dark times. Marriage often comes with this disillusionment of forever and happy 100% of the time. We invest all of ourselves and often become one when referred to, i.e. Brajelina (Brad and Angelina). Then years later when the facade fades we are left to find ourselves again. The not knowing how to do this or how the effects will be handled by the kids, is all overwhelming.

But as I told my friend, survive today. Don't think about tomorrow. Just know that tomorrow is coming and if I could sit and hold your hand until you seen that glorious sunrise I would. She will do great and rock this new life. I just have that faith in her, I also have that faith in my glorious God!

Much love me.