Wednesday, February 3, 2016

1 Shoe!

Wow it's Wednesday, only Wednesday! This is a busy week at home for us.

Cheer has started this week with traveling games and juggling it all is difficult. Traveled last night to our game in McCleansboro...with my daughter and 6 other kids. I was serenaded all the way there! ALL THE WAY! And I have learned a new dance move called the pop-it?? I did find it funny that one of the songs they all new was the song Scrubs by TLC!! I knew word for word!!!

Finally got to the gym and seen the girls scurrying around and looked like little was my daughter only had 1 shoe...UGH! Dear God! 1 shoe!!!

Games were not in the Win column for us, but a great time was had and I'm needing a nap today.

How do you not have 2 shoes???? Still baffled!

Blessings all!!

Much love, me