Monday, February 8, 2016

Realizing the Noise

God you are so good, even when things don't go Val's way. you still shine through.

This weekend was crazy, but all are. My house still looks like a bomb went off, and truthfully it has and it has and is named Sophia. Very busy little girl.

We did miss church yesterday, literally laid down for a second and woke up wondering what time it was. It wasn't an easy day for Sophia because she came to understand that Super Bowl takes control of the t.v. and she was without cartoons for hours. She did survive much to her disbelief.

Kennedy and Ian returned from their dads house, and my family was once again whole. I will never understand why that man has to be in our lives, but for the time he is, God and I will talk someday.

Today I read in Matthew and am always humbled and saddened when Jesus is in the Garden and sweating drops of blood. His pleading to have the cup removed, 3 times he pleaded. As a parent I can't imagine the agony of having your child plead for help and know what the next few hours would hold for him. The humbling comes at at the fact that God let HIS child endure pure hell and humiliation for me.

I always get sickened at the fact that people spit on Him. What in the world! To me spit is despicable. Degrading. It's mor than I can imagine. the physical was so horrendous that he died from it, but the spit, the names, the accusations, and the jokes, those don't kill, they just mutilate you enough to wish you were dead. Then the betrayal of Judas for 30 coins...what a joke...what a joke. Hours before he had his feet washed and celebrated the Lord's Supper and then betrayed him.

Lord, I cannot fathom it all. The next few chapters get incredibly worse and it rips at me to read them. I need this reminder though, this world needs this reminder.

When I read these passages it honestly puts dealing with an idiot ex in a less than needing to be discussed place. There are far greater things than wondering why this idiot has a place in my contact realm. So i breathe in and let it go! It will be fine, irregardless it is what it is...noise.

Have a blessed Monday!
Much love, Me.