Thursday, February 11, 2016

tough love

I often think of leaving this one horse town...actually I think of it a lot.

Sometimes I feel tethered here because of the kids. The help I get from my parents is huge and for now it out weighs the peace of leaving.

The lure is the thought of quiet and lots of coffee lol.  However the quiet is something I sure will eventually come. Tonight 2 of my 3 are with friends and so its Sophie and I again.

This morning I was asked to pray for a young man who has had a less than smooth journey. He lost both of his parents when he was young. Has dealt w anger issues from it and now has taken to drinking heavily. My heart hurts because I know his is hurting but I have no sympathy for addicts. He was at the doctor today because he was throwing up so much and his body wouldn't stop. When I asked his aunt do you think he is ready to stop she said I don't know. I asked if he would be willing to talk to a man very much like his uncle who has also walked a horrible journey as an addict that nearly  cost him everything, her reply was no. I said then he isn't done. He doesn't want to hear what this guy has to say because he isn't ready.

The "if his parents hadn't died then maybe"...that isn't realistic. The blaming the drinking on the past doesn't set well either. Responsibility sucks. Getting up and doing a day you really don't want too, sucks. Paying bills, suck.

But this is life. It's not for wimps.

Much love, tough