Saturday, November 10, 2012

Clarity? Think again.

I actually thought that maybe a good dose of a weekend might bring clarity and peace to this unsettled feeling I have.

But its only 7 AM on Saturday morning and I know as strongly now as I did before that this is it.

Last night wasn't any better. There was no disrespect like the other night but his attitude was hateful.

I can't deal with it, I need a break and I need it soon.

Today is a crazy busy day but at some point the conversation will make its way out.

I've been praying: God present me an opportunity to speak to this man, to not be harsh or unloving, but respectful (even when I don't receive it in return), help me to use ONLY the words provided by YOU. Help me to be strong and to not waiver, and Lord please clothe me with the armor of YOU so that the devil will not penetrate any part of my body, mind or soul.