Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Yet again I faced another situation that took me to a low position.

I needed what happened yesterday.

Grace was extended a million times beyond what I expected to have received at the end of the day and am once again blessed.

This morning I woke to a splitting headache from the events 24 hours ago and still questioning "why", and this was my answer…


What? and again DENY YOURSELF.

I need to quit defending myself. Quit trying to make people understand who I am, quit trying to answer to their "this is how I see you" statements.

Quit saying, "but that isn't who I am Lord!", "YOU search my heart", "YOU know"…

HE does.

And so HE says, "DENY YOURSELF VAL".

Basically quit.

Then Jesus said to HIS disciples, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and full me." Matthew 16:24.

Pick up your cross, and let's go Val.

Deny answering the craziness of all the things that lay against you. Pick up what's being given & let's go. There's a life out there that is full of promise and full of hope, and let's go.

Isn't that what my first blog was all about, here I am Lord send me? And now this one, Yes Lord I still believe?

After all the things that have made my cross heavier, I laid it down. After all I can't carry a sword and shield to protect myself and the cross too…so deny myself…pick up my cross…and let's go.

I gotta go…HE is waiting.

Thanks Lord, just don't leave me…I'm scared.

Much love, me.