Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gonna Build Me A Wall

Good Morning God,

At one time I use to say what I learned from the past week.

It's only Thursday & I've learned a lot.

I'm also in the middle of my daughter's Shrek play & exhaustion has set in and tonight is the 1st performance.

I love all the songs & the kids are more than fantastic, they are amazingly talented.

But one song say's this is Val's Theme Song all over it!

Shrek sings it & it's call, "Gonna build a wall".

The me part is when he says:
Gonna build me a wall, a perfect place, to hide,
Hey world, stay on your side,
The best way to conquer, they say is to divide.

Gonna build me a wall,
Gonna be what they say,
Gonna hide in my heart,
Gonna build me a wall.

That's me.

I'm done with defending & trying to prove my heart and my mind and soul.
When in the jungle you can't make the lions understand what the arctic is like,
So to make the crazy people of this world try to understand me is the same.

I'll be okay, Just don't leave me.

Much love, me.