Friday, July 18, 2014

My eventful day!

I've spent today in a crazy hurried blur & my day isn't even over yet, no where close.

Last night it was 10:30 before I opened my front door to begin the night.

Today I knew I had 2 things to do today, get a bed being given to me & bring it home (45 min drive) & go to the play tonight.

So we left early, 8:30 early for Carbondale.
Drive was good.
Got there, no tools.
Neighbor had some…shew!
2 Girls strapping a twin size trundle bed in the back of my dads truck…grueling. But done.
5 min into the drive, we lost the mattress.
Get it reloaded, tailgate fell off.
Get it reattached.

(By this time…its by the Grace of God that we hadn't peed ourselves. Laughing insanely!)

Drive back on a 65 mph road, 40 mph.

Get home, lost a screw.
And my sweet friend Shelly, lost her keys.

So we get ready to head to Carbondale to get them from where she thought they were at.
Ian shuts his hand in the door & it looks like he broke a finger. (Wasn't broken…shew).

So at 3:40, 1 hour before call time, bed is here, short 1 screw, mattress been on the highway, 1 reattached tailgate, 1 jammed finger fresh from ER, and 1 really tired mom, & 1 best friend being taken by her dad to a dealer to get a new key made.

Lord, it is by YOUR Grace alone that we've not peed ourselves today! Thank you!!!!

Just had to share!

Much love me.