Thursday, July 24, 2014


Good Morning Lord.

I know that you are pressing into me the thought of loving those who hurt us.

I know this like I know my own name.

But I don't wanna! (I laugh because with 3 kids I hear them saying those words).

But I know I must.

I must because letting them go and letting YOU handle this, is the only way to survive this time.

There are things I want to disappear from my life to make my breathing easier, but they are there for a reason.

My fear and my hesitation is what if I'm not dealing with these things well in front of my children in order to prepare them for when things like this pop up in their life as adults.

Lord, sustain me, hold me, help me, guide me.

This journey doesn't come with a map or a guide.

Help me today muster my way through these hours and not make a mess of things.

To YOU be the glory when this day is done and I close my eyes to the quiet of the house.

Much love, me.