Sunday, April 20, 2014


This is the first Easter I can ever remember that I didn't go to church.

This weekend the kids & I have had to deal with a very big issue and church was not some place I could take the time to go to. Did it mean I loved the Lord less? Absolutely not! I'm disgusted that I wasn't able to go, but God understands.

Things I learned this week:

1. Taking a couple days off is necessary at times.
2. Being the house where everyone in the neighborhood comes to, isn't always great.
3. Blood doesn't mean family.
4. This has been the best Easter I can ever remember.
5. Sometimes it's ok being single.
6. Sometime when I get that feeling that I'm going to be okay & make it…its the best ever!
7. God is good all the time, not just on good days, but every single day.
8. I could never ever imagine my life 1 day without my children. Thank YOU Lord! I'm so blessed!
9. Making homemade cheesecake is A W E S O M E!
10. God is good all the time, not just on good days but E V E R Y    S I N G L E     D A Y!!!