Sunday, April 13, 2014

Here I am, Send me.

Hi Father,

It's me.

My house is quiet, the only noise is the fan & the barking dogs from outside. Lord, I've not been feeling well lately, this cold got me down. I'll be ok, but emotionally I feel like I'm a mess.

Lord. Sometimes the loneliness is just a lot to handle. I put on the smile, wear the right clothes, hair done, and yet inside I'm crumbling.

This all takes me back to that place years ago when I prayed in church, Lord, send me. I didn't know that I would lose a husband, have a baby, and face more heart ache. I've been so blessed on my journey. I don't have words or even enough numbers to name them all. YOU know my hearts desire & I do not fail to recognize my blessings & especially where they come from.

Keep my head above the water Lord. I need to feel your presence so desperately right now. I wanna see YOUR work & scream from the mountain top…"see what MY God did!"!

Bless me Father, this I pray,
much love, me.