Thursday, April 3, 2014

Not Ready...

I'm not ready yet to love.

I've tried to rush it by doing the "sites" hoping that someone else might make the hurt go away.

They won't.

I just hurt


its ok.

Maybe someday seeing your name won't hurt so much.

Maybe someday hearing that song won't hurt so much.


But for now it does.

For now I have to heal, my subscription thing on those sites are just for a bit longer & then I will not be rejoining. But until then I will not be visiting them. I have to heal and I cannot heal by making things worse.

I have to trust God that I will be okay & heal from all this.

But for now I hurt.

My kids help me, but today when I seen your name pop up, my heart stopped and I couldn't do anything but look at it.

Just keep me close Lord.

much love,