Friday, April 4, 2014

Just thoughts, random...

So last night the weather got BAD!!!!

Really Bad!

We are located under the blue box.

Our area was it by a Tornado 2 years ago & 6 people died and 1/2 of our town was destroyed.

I had the weather radio on & then at 10 PM or so the neighbor called (they live in a trailer) and she and her family came over as well & we hunkered down in the hallway. It was a long hour. Sirens, lots of thunder & lightening. HORRIBLE. But we made it unscathed and thanked the Lord & then begged Sophie to close her eyes & go to sleep again.

As the weather got worse and worse, all my single momma-ville moms crossed my minds. Even those who are married but the work force for their husbands is so demanding that they live the life of a single momma.

Thank YOU Lord for protecting us & keeping us safe.

I've lived in this neighborhood my entire life (minus 1 yr in TN), and I have only known the ditch to overflow 1 other time, last night was the 2nd time I've ever seen it do it. It poured so hard all night long.

Lord, you give and you take away. The rain came & in the morning as I look out my window so did the birds chirping, and the quietness of the day at this hour (because everyone else is asleep). Lord, I know that in my life that I am seeking the dawning of the next phase of my life. I am seeking peace, and contentment, and understanding that comes ONLY from YOU! YOU ALONE.

My "I wanna know" mentality is struggling to BE STILL, so like the kids on our trip I'm wiggling in my seat screaming "how much longer"! But YOU are the driver & YOU have the map of my life & YOU know where I am headed & how great it will be once I get there!

Thank YOU Lord for helping me survive, not just last night but every single second!

Much love,