Monday, April 7, 2014

Thank You

Friday night I went to dinner with my friend Jennifer.

We are both single momma's, with 3 children, good jobs, hateful momma's, and crazy lives.

Jennifer & I were in school at the same time, but theater brought us together as friends. As we shared our stories of divorce, we realized our paths were very similar. Insanely similar. A man-boy, who became a dad, who didn't want that life anymore left us with the responsibility of raising the kids.

So we finally decided it's time, dinner for us!

Our ride over and back & every second in between was filled with uh-huh, or omg's or laughter! It was soooo needed! We were able to share battle scars that others can't see, and hurts and frustrations that many wouldn't understand.

We asked each other, "what do you think?" and knew that the answer was coming from someone who stood in the other's shoes.

Lord, thank YOU for Jennifer and for making all the pieces fall in place so that I could have dinner with her that night. It was more than food for dinner, it was food for my soul. It made me feel like I belonged and wasn't alone in this journey.

Being a single mom is not something everyone understands. It's hard every day. Staying a float is difficult, financially and emotionally. I didn't share my recent hurt, but she knows its there. She didn't ask either, but she knows.

In the quietness of this moment before my hurried world begins, I enjoy my coffee and breathe in YOUR Grace once again. YOUR Greatness. YOUR Majesty.

Someday's I find myself saying…"what did I do to deserve this?" and other days I say "what did I do to deserve this?" but in a much softer tone. Then I remember I did nothing other than say "YES" to YOUR Forgiveness and accept YOU as my FATHER.

My Father, my defender, my vindicator, my protector, my unconditional love.

Thank YOU Sweet Jesus!

Much love,