Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It's the holiday that people come together to share in thanks and EAT!!

Easter has always taken my breath away.

It has always made me say, wow and stand amazed at what God did for me.

Blessed beyond words,

Amazed at my life,

and Clinging to HIS promise of bringing me home to HIS mansion.

HIS promise of raising again, HE fulfilled!

HE keeps HIS promises!

My life isn't perfect, my life is chaotic, crazy, insane, busy, and full of smiles from 3 wonderful kids who argue, fight, drag in mud, make messes, create smells that make you green, that ask a million questions and give me life.

Bless me, love me, hold me, keep me close. Grant us favor Lord. Put a shield of protection around us.

Thanks Lord for not giving up on me & loving me unconditionally.

much love, me.