Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Break

We are on Spring Break!!! (1/2 way through to be exact, shhhh not telling Ian!)

This week so far has been amazing!

I've had no less than 6 kids here every day!

I've bandaged knees, made cookies, wrestled kids, broken up arguments, fed, fed, and fed more and more kids, watched sunsets, listened to laughter and had my heart warmed by each one of them.

This is what living in momma-ville is about.

My house is a mess, and I have a Dish Network guy coming today to do some changes so I have to clean up before 1 PM but not in any rush.

I'm a mom, living an insane crazy life, healing a broken heart, finding God in the most unusual places, and rejoicing every single second of it.

Thank God for coffee, for the quietness of this moment, for my crazy kids, and for my life.

I complain, I cry, I beg, I wonder, I wish, I hurt, I am a mom. A single mom living in Momma-ville.

I'm not the greatest at anything, but I live a great life because of God and because of 3 really great kids.

Thanks Lord for giving me what I needed and not what I deserved.

Much love,