Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our Saturday

Today my Sophie & I traveled about an hour for a flea market.

It was awesome & guess what I found?

It is perfect on my porch! I'm so excited!

We took a little bit of the scenic route & made it back just as our energy levels started to drop from the colds that we both have.

So now we are bundled up on the couches, her asleep & me snuggled up under a quilt.

I did clean the kitchen, and make a cheese ball for the basketball games (not really into basketball, but love the excitement!), but the rest of the house can wait.

Anyway this week has been terrific! We've had a lot of really great times! 
Thank YOU Lord for blessing us with this time together! I could not ask for more!

This is Sophie self-feeding! She had no idea she had a fruit loop on her head!

Well a couple pics of all the flooding in are town, guess Kennedy's softball
 won't be starting Tuesday (shucks!)

So until later…much love!

me (& Sophie too)