Sunday, March 16, 2014

A promise stronger than death...

Sometimes really nice days make me feel really alone in this world. Don't know why but it does.

This past situation was just another reminder of how someone else walked away from us leading the way of his departure with lies.

But as I was reading in my book today, there is someone who will never ever walk way from us, in fact HE is waiting for us.

Before my heart was broken by this last situation, it was given hope and made feel alive by someone very special to me.

Today this was what I read about death: Death seems to take so much. we bury not just a body but the wedding that didn't happen, the golden years we never knew. We bury dreams. But in heaven these dreams will come true. God has promised a "restoration of all things" (Acts 3:21). All things include all relationships! (from you'll get through this by Max Lucado)

What a promise.

A promise I can hold on too.

I have tried the online dating & am done with it. I was asked "just how did you end up with a 1 yo at 41 years of age?" That hurt.

How did I? God gave me her. He said you want someone to love you don't you? I said, "yes Lord
desperately", HE gave me Sophie.

How could I ever question that?