Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First night without children….awww the Queen of my own bed!

Good Morning Lord,

It's the morning after my first night without kids.

There was no sleeping in for me, I've already been up working and getting a letter out for a bid proposal for work. But sleep was glorious.

I must admit that I had a bit of an anxiety attack when I seen a family with small children in the lobby, I missed them terribly. But settled into bed and quickly relaxed and watched an entire, 2 actually, tv show.

The drive here was 4.5 hours long and was horribly quiet at points. I thought to myself, if I were alone I'd be singing. But I was a wise car host and didn't belt out any songs…for her ears sake. But imagine our surprise when we arrived and discovered only 1 bed…I love her since she's my cousin and all, but I wasn't sleeping with her on my first night in a year and half of no children. Wasn't happening, so a little switch a roo and all was well & I was the queen of my own bed!

I have falled for the new show called the Chrisley's (I think that's how you spell it), however my cousin just didn't love it as much as I did, that reality tv wasn't her cup of tea. But I wondered why do I love these shows, I think its because I love seeing dysfunctional families! Makes me feel normal. Sometimes you just want to fit in so badly that fitting in in the dysfunctional family realm is where you find yourself. (Thinking that is probably not such a good thing…huh…).

Anyway, today is the food show and my mind is so set on going home that I'm read to get this baby underway, I love these things. These shows allow you to see great food, great ideas, great ways of using average products.

Our hotel is located on the Mississippi River and the view is beautiful. (My camera broke so no pictures for now but very awesome).

Thank YOU Lord for your blessing of safety and wisdom during this trip and I pray for my children and our return trip home. YOU are my all, without YOU I'm doomed to failure swift and simply put.

Thank YOU Father,